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Greg McManus


1) Name, Name of Business, How many years have you been in business?

I was a Specialty contractor and Storm Contractor for 16 years. Decided it was time to move on from the stress, 16 hour days, among other matters. I obtained my state G.C. license, and formed a new business three years ago to focus on the need for quality driven Reno’s inside the perimeter.

2) What type of investing do you do, and in what locations?

Full gut renovations at a class 3 and 4 levels. Would like to pick up another rental or two.

What/ who influences you?

Todd Flemming, and Robert Kiyosaki. I do my share of viewing other rehab’s, read and talk with other Designers, Brokers, Realtors, General Contractors and Investors. I don’t follow the copy cat norm.

4) What does your day look like?

Different every day. What ever is required to get the job done. Ordering, strapping on a tool belt, reviewing plans, interviewing sub’s, consulting, site viewing, looking at potentional flips, competition reviews, trends, leading innovation changes.

5) How is your office set up?

I’m mobile. Fully equipped.

6) What are your goals for the next year?

Systemize my reno properties, so I can focus on finding wholesale opportunities.