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Nicole Donaldson

Marketing/Aqusition Director/Investor

Office: 678-973-2008


Nicole Donaldson-Hunter

Nicole Donaldson-Hunter is a Real estate Investor with United Real Estate Investment Group and Licensed Real estate Agent in the state of Georgia with Maximum One Realty.

Nicole is an expert in building multi streams of income with starting her first business venture as a professional tax expert. Office is currently located in East Point, GA. The second business venture was Starting a Real estate investment company with husband along her side as her business partner. With 9 properties under the belt and 1 new lot and 2 more to following they are breaking the way thru East Point. Nicole has kept her focus only in the East Point Area the last 4 years which she is now known as the “Queen of East Point”. Third business venture was becoming a real estate agent. This will allow Nicole to take the power back and control how she sells their fully renovated and new construction homes.

Nicole offers many years of knowledge and experience in all areas of real estate. She is very passionate about real estate and can show all the possibilities to newly entrepreneurs wanting to get started in real estate investment and or any business they have a passion for.

1) Name, Name of Business, How many years have you been in business?

United Real Estate Investment Group, LLC, Independent contractor for Maximum One Realty. Our family has been in the real estate investing for 6 years completing residential projects such as fix and flips and new construction in the Atlanta market for 5 years. Our primary focus is currently In east Point, GA

2) What type of investing do you do, and in what locations?

Our primary focus this far has been fix and flips and New Construction builds. We are currently buying and holding properties for Air B and B.

What/who influences you?

Other investors and like mind people are my influencers. I have gained a lot of knowledge from them that help us grow our company and move in a positive direction

What accomplishments are you proud of with the real estate industry?

I am proud to have built a successful real estate company with my husband that will allow us to leave a legacy for our family

What does your day look like?

My day starts with exercise and getting my mind prepared to find the next deal. With having 2 lots currently in motion my time now is spent getting the material order and subs in place to start new construction.

How is your office set up?

I have an office in downtown East Point. We have a conference room and a room that allows me to create in order to design and build our projects. This also housed to samples of construction material and meeting we have with the GC and Subs. We are currently in the process of expanding to hire a assistant to help run the day to day operations. We are also getting help from a Marketing guru Marcus Merritt to help manage our social media and website. This will helps grow to a larger company to get gain more projects and build.

What are your goals for the next year?

Our goal is to expand into commercial real estate in the next five years. We are currently growing out new construction platform