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I will be calling 80% of the time. In the other 20% of the time It will be a counterpart that is trained by me personally.

You can send it directly to my email ( at first. Then we will parse it into our Infusion Soft system after we see the format. After we get it correctly parsed I will send you a different email to send it to, this will allow it to go directly into our crm.
Ryan Dixon
Senior Account Manager
Direct Mail Specialist
P: 636.519.8320
C: 314.458.6041

Law Clerk On Demand, L.L.C. provides Probate, Code Enforcement, Tax, Eviction and Divorce lists for Real Estate Investors. Attorney lead generation can be provided for Family Law and Personal Injury. Our leads are available for Georgia and North Carolina!


SimpliSafe, Inc. provides wireless security alarm systems and services. The Company offers cellular connection, text and e-mail alerts, smash-proof and power outage protection, smoke and fire detection, and wireless sensors. SimpliSafe serves clients in the United States

Not weekly or monthly like other sites out there. This ensures that we offer prospective homebuyers and investors with the freshest, hottest deals on the Internet. In fact, most of our information comes direct from hundreds of corporate sellers and multiple government agencies so that you can score the deal of a lifetime – in some cases foreclosed homes for less than $60,000! Find cheap homes under $60,000. Whether your looking for a single-family home, condo, townhouse, or even searching for mobile homes near you, keeps the most up-to-date listings of all property types. The best part about searching is that we make the experience so simple that anyone can do it. And if you run into a problem or have questions that aren’t covered in our “Frequently Asked Questions” section, we have a dedicated support staff of actual humans (not an endless maze of automated questions) who are knowledgeable and eager to help you achieve your American Dream of affordable homeownership. Call us today … or any day!

The cash flow earning skills you need to know in order to put yourself quickly into the top 1% of all Airbnb™ hosts in the world.
How to locate owners who will be more than willing to let you list their properties on Airbnb™, even if you have ZERO experience.
How to outsource and automate the business to avoid working full time hours, yet earn a consistent monthly income for life.


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Powerful Estimating Tools and Reporting
-18 common Scopes of Work Items on the average remodel or new construction project
-Database of 400+ work items for creating a detailed and accurate estimate of repairs in a matter of minutes
-Average remodeling costs backed by RS Means & years of professional estimating experience
-Create professional estimate reports and proposals for your clients

The National Real Estate Investors Association is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Realeflow. There are many benefits to YOU, the member, including:
• Free 30 Day Trial of any version of Realeflow (Lite, Basic)
• Discount on normal monthly pricing after the free trial period
• Version upgrades with more users, websites, and leads.

Streamline Your Wholesaling Business!
The Wholesaling Spreadsheet provides tools for analyzing and marketing rehab deals and rental property deals!

  • Do you want to learn how to hide your assets?
  • Would you like to transfer your property privately without using a deed?
  • How would you like to protect your property from personal liens or judgments?
  • Would you like to appear broke to the public?
  • Do you want to reduce your chances of a lawsuit?
  • Do you want to create your own Land Trusts again and again at no cost?
  • Would you like a PRIVATE agreement with your Trustee that is not recorded?
  • How would you like to know how to put each of your properties into their own individual Land Trusts and insulate them from each other?
  • Do you want to learn how to hold title to your property out of your state?
  • Would you like to learn how to get around the Due on Sale Clause in your loan?


Whether you need to find the property owners of a vacant piece of property that needs cleaning up, or want to make an offer, locating the names of a property owner can be as easy as knocking on a door. Another well used strategy is requesting copies of public tax records at the county assessor’s office. If all attempts to act as your own private investigator fail, American Tracers serves as a good resource.

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SAREIA members get 15% off the normal monthly cost.

• Land Profit Generator (Online Access)
• Quick Start CD + Workbook (Shipped)
• Offer Making Software (Online Access)
• All my Letters, Contracts, Scripts for Land Business
• Land For Pennies LIVE EVENT
• List Your Properties On My Website
• 1 Year Access To Support Community and 5-ways Support
• MEGA BONUS Instant Access To 4-Part Quick Start Training

Over 1,200 hours of detailed courses, tutorials and step-by-step guidance on how to create financial freedom by building a successful Real Estate or Online Marketing businesses from home…

The Investment Dominator is the most powerful, effective and customizable Deal Management, and Automation CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system available on the market today.
The buying site, opt-in website and a selling website will…
• Offer a way for your sellers to submit their property details directly online without having to even call you
• Allow you to build a list of motivated buyers
• Sell your properties online on your own website with just literally one click inside the Investment Dominator
• And to more efficiently track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns when selling your properties.

Results in less than 60 days, an online account to watch us work, and the only repair services that gives you:
• Access to all three credit reports and credit scores.
• 24/7 access – cancel anytime!
• An unmatched satisfaction guarantee.

How’s your real estate investor website performing?
Our Demo Will Guide You Through Step-By-Step How Carrot…
• Gets you better search engine rankings (real world results in the demo)
• Is designed by the best conversion experts in the world to convert you more leads
• Leverages social media and mobile technology to give you an edge
• Demonstrate how Carrot skips the hype and over-delivers on our promise
• Why our customers say their Carrot sites convert visitors to leads up to 5x MORE than their non-Carrot websites

  •  Separate business and personal expenses
  • Automatic mileage tracking
  • Create and send invoices on the go
  • Maximize your Schedule C deductions
  • Quarterly estimated taxes calculated automatically
  • Pay quarterly estimated taxes online
  • File faster by exporting Schedule C to TurboTax
  • One federal and one state tax return filing included


  • Get your complete business performance in one click
  • Track sales, sales taxes and expenses
  • Organize all your reminders in one place
  • Stay on top of your invoices and billing
  • Track inventory, set re-order points, create purchase orders
  • Be ready at tax time with easy, reliable reports

Inside FreedomSoft, you gain instant access to an unlimited, nationwide database of active Cash Buyers.
Create a direct mail campaign with a few clicks.
Every search shows you the buyers
• name and contact information,
• number of properties they purchased,
• addresses of each property they’ve purchased,
• date purchased
• price paid
It’s everything you need to know and more…

The Easiest & Best Way To Manage ALL of Your Direct Mail Campaigns

Get Workflow Automation Free
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Easily upload your email list from Excel, Gmail, Outlook, and more. We’ll handle the rest: unsubscribes, bounces, and inactive emails update automatically.

InvestorPro is the fastest and most effective way to give your business it’s professional looking online presence. Find out more by checking out our…

• Fast and Easy Setup Process
• Professionally Designed Templates
• Wallet Friendly Website Plans
• Easy to Use BackOffice Pro

What You Get with The Zenfusion Adcelerator Program• Adcelerator Strategies
• Rapid Scalability
• Elevated Ad Copy
• A/B Split Testing
• Pixel Assistance
• Chat & Email Support
• The Facebook Loophole
• Audience Advancement
• Enhanced Creative
• Retargeting
• Acceleration Calls
• Simplified Updates

Get protected for a number of legal issues and assistance with common legal needs.
LegalShield includes the following 5 Apps:
• Ask
• Prospect
• IDShield
• Legal Shield
• Shake (Forms)

• Deal Analysis
• Estimate Repair Costs
• Analyze the Maximum Purchase Price
• Project Management
• Create Scopes of Work, Manage Project Tasks & Resources
• Accounting
• Create Project Budget
• Track Project Expenses
• Project Profitability

Wholesalers, Rehabbers, House Flippers, Agents:

• Calculate Real Estate Offers Quickly
• Avoid Overpaying for Deals
• Market Your Deals Like a Pro
• Sell Your Deals Faster for More $$!
• Create MBA-Level Deal Funding Pitches
• Raise Private Money!
• Manage Your Rehab Projects and more!

Discover how 30,000 Infusionsoft customers grow sales, get organized, save time and thrive. Check out the interactive product demo to see what Infusionsoft can do for your business.

Heritage Living Trust Vs. Will
• A Will takes you into Probate. A Living Trust Avoids Probate and saves you time and thousands of dollars.
• Assets are frozen in Probate Court for six months to 2 years or more. A Living Trust allows these same assets to be distributed within days.
• A Will provides no privacy with public Probate Court Proceedings. A Living Trust is a private document and is not made public.
• In Probate Court, anyone can contest a Will. A Living Trust is settled without interference and extremely difficult to challenge.
• A Will takes effect when you die and has no living benefits. A Living Trust benefits you while you’re alive and after you’ve passed.

Rental Valuator is the premier software geared for valuing and marketing buy/hold real estate deals. It’s currently used throughout the US and Europe by real estate brokers, buy/hold multi-family and self-storage investors, syndicators, wholesalers, and other real estate professionals.

We take all leads: phone, email, text
• Pre-screen them with your questions
• Arrange for qualified leads to see the home and
• Follow up with them.
• We even handle the application and
• Application fee