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Phillip Alexius

A&P Real Estate Group LLC

Cell: (470)400-5889


Phillip Alexius co-owns A&P Real Estate Group with his father David. Together they invest part time in the South Metro, outside the perimeter. Most of their activities focus around the communities that are served by I-85.

Phillip first got introduced to real estate by attending a small education class in buying houses with his father in order to help another family member by their first house. Quickly Phillip was blown away by the limitless opportunities that are in the real estate market. It was from there that he took off trying to learn everything he could from other heavily credited investors.

In his day job, Phillip is an experienced Program Manager and Project Engineer who has worked on multi-million-dollar projects for major car companies. He has worked with multiple different contractors spanning over 10 different states and three countries. This experience gives Phillip the ability to approach Real Estate investing from a systematic perspective, keeping projects on time, on budget, and ensuring success for all involved.

1) Name, Name of Business, How many years have you been in business?

A&P Real Estate Group. We are a family owned business, located out of Sharpsburg, GA that started in June of 2017. At first, we were focused around Atlanta, but quickly we learned that the south side where we were located was more for us and what we like to do.

2) What type of investing do you do, and in what locations?

Our Primary Focus is rentals. We look for distressed homes that we can fix up and rent out. We also look for small quick flips.

3) What/ who influences you?

My family, Other Investors and like-minded people. I gain a lot of knowledge by listening to others and sharing experiences.

4) What does your day look like?

My day starts at work. When I get off in the evening, I return home I set out to complete tasks to build up our business by following a strict marketing plan. One thing that is a task every night is to make 5 offers on homes, which I usually do by contacting people through texts when I find houses I like.

5) How is your office set up?

We use my father’s basement as our actual business office. My office in particular usually in my recliner on the computer looking at houses and setting up properties to drive for Saturday when I do not have to go to work.

6) What are your goals for the next year?

I have a goal to pick up 5 new properties next year as well get my real estate license.