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Day 1: Classroom

  • Setting Up Your Company
  • Finding Houses & Money
  • Building Your Team

Setting Up Your LLC

Day 2: Classroom

  • Finding Contractors & Attorney
  • Deal Analysis, Budgets Contracts

Comping Houses

Day 3: Classroom

  • Meet with Home Inspector & Contractor
  • Repair Estimates, Scope of Work & Spec Sheet

Accounting 101

Day 4: Classroom

  • Marketing to Sell or Rent
  • Draw Schedules
  • Renting & Rental Agreements

Property Management


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“Interested in the Turnkey Academy, but not ready to purchase yet?
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Hi, My name is Stacy Rossetti and I’m the owner of the South Atlanta REIA. I am a real estate investor. I am actually rehabbing 10 houses right now. Oh, and I own a storage facility, a commercial building, several rentals and the South Atlanta REIA. Plus, I have mentored, taught and coached students all across the country on how to get started in real estate investing. I have been a real estate investor since 2010.

I remember the first house I ever rehabbed. It was my own home! My husband and I bought it in the downturn. The perfect time to buy a house! It is on 12 acres with a house and a guest house. Before we moved in, we updated everything in the home. We did most ourselves, except the painting. I hate painting! Well, we had a $30k budget and it took about two months to fix the place up.

It was ours, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to us that it was so much work. Then, we fixed up the guesthouse ourselves also. That took us another few months and another $20k, but now, we rent out the guesthouse for the same amount of money that it costs us every month for our mortgage on the whole deal! Well, that kind of got us thinking about real estate and how we could get more involved.

My husaband, Pete, decided to start his own home inspection business. The first year was really hard getting it up and started, but he worked his butt off, while I had a full-time job. The best part about watching Pete grow his business, was that I got to help him in the office and I started to see awesome changes in him. He began to have so much more confidence in himself and he really started to grow. His mindset changed and he became this new person that I just was so envious about. I wanted to to have my own business too, not just work in his company.

That is when I came across a real estate investment training, much like the one that Tyler and I starting through the South Atlanta REIA. They walked me through each step and gave me all the tools I needed to start up my own real estate investing business. It was such a blessing and completely changed my life. It opened up many doors for me and Pete and we started to think BIG. After a year in training and doing my rehab, I decided to scale up and did 13 rehabs the next year! It was fun and chaotic at the same time, but after doing a few rehabs, I figured out that I needed to implement systems into my company, get organized and delegate. I couldn’t handle it all.

All of the systems that you will learn in the class, are exactly what I use in my real estate business. While doing all these rehabs, I also worked on setting up systems to wholesale and systems to manage my rentals. I manage everything in my office through Google Drive and I’m 100% electronic. I want to teach you how to do this also. We need to get your foundations for your business set up properly, so that you can run your business more efficiently in the long run.

You have probably noticed that I do a lot of marketing also. I want to teach how to build credibility so that you can find more money for you deals. I am 100% privately funded. This means that I just use friends, family and acquaintances to fund my deals. I want to show you how to do this also. There is so much money available! Let me show you how to find it.

The best part about learning to rehab, buy rentals and get started in real estate is that once you get going, the opportunities are endless. Now I own a storage facility, I’m about build another one. I have commercial building that we renovating now and flips, rehabs and rentals galore! Let me show you how its done. I love helping and teaching others how to get started in real estate and even once you do get started, how to scale up. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the academy.

Stacy Rossetti

“Interested in the Turnkey Academy, but not ready to purchase yet?
Get on our MAILING LIST and get reminders about when the next Turnkey Academy is coming up.”

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