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1) Name, Name of Business, How many years have you been in business?
Tammy Ledbetter
SNL Investments of GA, LLC
5 years
2) What type of investing do you do, and in what locations?
Fix and Flips – Walton County
Buy and Holds – Walton, Bibb, Ware, Hall
Tax Sales – Walton, Bibb, Ware, Hall, Putnam, Baldwin, ect… 32 county
3) What/who influences you?
Influence comes from all around. Who influences me is my kids. They see what I am doing and that if I can then they can, or anyone can succeed at this. Who else is the people in this business and who I network with. Like the South Atlanta REIA. What influences and keeps me going my dream of helping kids that age out of foster care system