What We Do




Stacy Rossetti, Founder

Stacy Rossetti has been renovating homes since 2012. She loves taking older homes and restoring them and takes great pride in the work she does. She has always had great interest in the community; and wanted to help spread Real Estate industry knowledge amongst other hard working people. She was inspired to create a non-competitive, awesome community for those individuals – now known as South Atlanta REIA. Between many other things, she loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Sarah Humphrey, Volunteer

Sarah was born in Flint, Michigan.  She moved to Georgia 10 years ago and is currently an honor student in finance and business economics program at Georgia State.  During her Tenure as a resident of the State of Georgia, Sarah has worked with the public in a multitude of positions including her current position as the Member  and Vendor Director of the South Atlanta Real Estate Investors Association (REIA), the fastest growing REIA in the entire state. It was with these experiences that Sarah realized that her passion was working with people and creating win-win situations for all.  With heart felt drive, Sarah set out and helped Establish Simply Stellar Real Estate Solutions, LLC, a small real estate investment company.  Every Day, she works to bring people together, and create lasting relationships through the real estate market.